We manufacture diode lasers.
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Lumics‘ LuOcean™ Mini Series now with Largely Increased Number of Features

2015 - May

Lumics GmbH – Berlin is re-setting the benchmark for its LuOcean™ Mini series offering the currently widest and most innovative product range for diode laser based devices for medical and industrial applications.
Based on Lumics’ >20 years experience in diode laser technology with fully in-house chip design and module production, the compact LuOcean™ Mini modules guarantee outstanding footprint/performance ratio and feature now a widely increased variety of individual
customization solutions:

  • Mono / dual wavelength modules combined in one device as standard products
  • Triple / quadruple wavelength modules on request as per customers’ requirements
  • Choice between red or green pilot laser
  • Optional higher power red laser beam
  • Fiber detection sensor (inductive or mechanical)
  • Monitor photodiode (voltage or current signal)
  • User-exchangeable exit protection window
  • Key-options doubly-implemented (redundancy for special safety requirements)
  • Choice of internal temperature sensor (NTC, PT1000/PT100, LM35)
  • Suitable driving electronics available
  • Wavelength selection and custom wavelengths on request
The LuOcean™ Mini modules deliver powers from 7 W to 50 W and cover standard wavelengths from 793 nm to 1470 nm. Available fiber core sizes range from 105 μm to 600 μm fibers, depending on power and application. More wavelengths and considerably higher power levels are available with other modules within the LuOcean™ series.
Lumics offers strong technical support in all product life cycle phases (pre-design, integration process, after-sales service) and guarantees 100% traceability through individual testing and protocols for each module.


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