We manufacture diode lasers.
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Press Releases

New OEM Driver Board specifically designed for LuOcean™ Mini diode laser series

2015 - November

Lumics GmbH, Berlin, makes again a significant step towards providing complete state-of-the-art solutions by developing a proprietary diode laser driving board which is highly optimized for the Lumics LuOcean™ „Mini“ series and thus considerably simplifies design and production on customers’ site.

Particulary for its many customers with medical and industrial applications, Lumics can now offer a very price attractive and particularly user friendly turn-key solution, both for operations in continuous and pulsed mode.

This brand-new driver board uses cooling by free convection only, and offers full digital access to all functions of the laser module, for example switching on/off a pilot laser beam.

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Lumics Introduces Improved TO220 Package at LASER World of Photonics 2015

2015 - June

Launched during LASER World of Photonics 2015 in Munich, the brand new improved TO220 package for Lumics’ multi mode fiber pigtailed flat pin diode laser modules offers state-of-the-art benefits for demanding applications:
  • Quasi Telcordia qualified package
  • Dry air to avoid package induced failure (PIF) through hydrocarbons
  • Moisture getter to allow operation down to (-)10°C
  • Two flange for easy mounting and best reliable thermal contact

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Next Generation LuOcean Mini 4 revealed at LASER Munich 2015

2015 - June

Lumics is again redefining the benchmark and paving the way for customers to simplify design and manufacturing of the most innovative diode laser based devices.

Launched during LASER World of Photonics 2015 in Munich, the brand new LuOcean™ Mini 4 is the latest addition to Lumics’ most successful LuOcean™ series of high power fiber coupled diode laser modules.

The new improved model now offers power levels up to 70W. Available wavelengths range from 793 – 1470nm.

Additionally, also 1940nm is now available for the first time worldwide in such an ultra-compact design offering powers up to 7W ex fiber at this wavelength.

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Lumics‘ LuOcean™ Mini Series now with Largely Increased Number of Features

2015 - May

Lumics GmbH – Berlin is re-setting the benchmark for its LuOcean™ Mini series offering the currently widest and most innovative product range for diode laser based devices for medical and industrial applications.
Based on Lumics’ >20 years experience in diode laser technology with fully in-house chip design and module production, the compact LuOcean™ Mini modules guarantee outstanding footprint/performance ratio and feature now a widely increased variety of individual
customization solutions:

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Lumics adds new 760nm wavelength and reduces linewidth of its single-mode diode laser modules for analytic, sensing & seeding

2015 - March

Lumics GmbH – Berlin has further increased its wavelength portfolio of single-mode fiber pigtailed butterfly 14-pin modules with internal temperature control and monitor photodiode.

Now Lumics’ added also 760nm to that product line in order to address the oxygen absorption band in that range. Thus as per today modules can be delivered – also for low volume – for the following standard wavelengths: 760, 786, 793, 808, 850, 915, 980, 1012, 1025, 1032, 1064, 1070, and 1080nm. Other customized wavelengths between 750–1100nm can be manufactured on request.

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