We manufacture diode lasers.
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LuOcean Laser Systems

The Lumics’ LuOcean laser systems are based on the Lumics’ LuOcean direct-diode laser modules and offer:

  • wavelengths from 793 nm across 9xx nm and 1470 nm to 1940 nm as well as mixed wavelengths
  • fiber coupling in 105 µm – 600 µm
  • beam parameter product 10 mm x mrad – 60 mm x mrad
  • highly reliable IR-diode laser modules
  • cw or pulsed operation
  • industrial casing
  • cooling
  • OEM or desktop configuration
  • Interfaces: RS232, display, Labview compatible, or proprietary controller software
  • various options

Please contact us to obtain a detailed offer for a Lumics’ LuOcean turn-key system, tailored to your needs.

Diode Laser Systems Cooling Datasheet Comments
TEC Table Top System Diode laser driver with
TEC controller, key switch, E-stop, safety interlock
   air cooling OEM Turn-key system Easy-to-integrate OEM system with secure diode laser operation and red pilot laser (integrated)


The Lumics’ LuOcean turn-key systems offer an integrated diode laser system comprising of a direct diode laser light-source, laser driver, power supply and chiller.

The Lumics’ LuOcean turn-key systems are based on the trusted Lumics’ LuOcean laser modules. Hence, they offer the same flexibility and variety in wavelengths and power. Ranging from 793 nm to 1470 nm & 1940 nm and up to 280 W. Lumics’ LuOcean turn-key systems can be operated in cw or pulsed mode.

The Lumics’ LuOcean turn-key systems are available with air or water cooling (depending on the output power). Other options include monitor photodiodes, red or green aiming beam pilot laser, fiber sensor, and different temperature sensors.

Different casing options allow to shape the Lumics‘ LuOcean turn-key systems in desktop, 19” rack-compatible or OEM form and enable an easy integration. Interaction can take place via RS232, Labview, or user display.

Naturally, all Lumics’ LuOcean turn-key systems are equipped with the latest laser safety standards to ensure a compliant fit to your device.