We manufacture diode lasers.
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Sensing and Security

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Seeding and Pumping

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Medical and Health

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Material Processing

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Medical and Health

Lumics’ medical diode laser series offers customers an excellent product range at wavelengths from 760 nm to 1940 nm. Our modules are easy to integrate and allow customers to manufacture state-of-the-art end user laser systems for a wide field of medical applications.

Application Examples: Dental, Dermatology, Hair Removal, Urology, Surgery, Varicose Veins Treatment, Wellness


  • FDA-required sensors
  • Ultra long lifetime & reliability
  • Wide range of optional features
  • Multiple wavelengths modules available



LuOcean P2LuOcean P2

  • 14 W – 280 W power
  • 760 nm to 1940 nm
  • fiber core diameter 105µm – 1000 µm



LuOcean Mini 4

  • 4 W – 65 W power
  • 760 nm to 1940 nm
  • fiber core diameter 105µm – 600 µm


LuOcean Mini 8

  • 12 W – 110 W
  • 760 nm – 1940 nm
  • fiber core diameter 105 µm – 600 µm