We manufacture diode lasers.
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Singlemode Diode Laser

Single Mode BTF14 Laser Modules  

BTF14 LaserModule          

We welcome volume inquiries for single-mode BTF14 laser modules:

  • 760-1550nm range, up to 500mW (cw) – 1.2W peak power
  • Single mode (SM fiber) or polarization maintaining (PM fiber) options
  • Excellent chip reliability (>10,000 hours MTTF) with proved environmental test according Telcodia GR-468-CORE and MIL-STD-833E
  • Low rise time (<1ns) option for pulse operation with increased output power
  • Wavelength stabilization by FBG
  • Close-to-chip FBG for short nano-sec pulsing in DTS, Lidar, etc. applications

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For further information please reach out to our sales team:  https://www.lumics.de/contact/