We manufacture diode lasers.
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Sensing and Security

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Seeding and Pumping

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Medical and Health

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Material Processing

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Drivers / Accessories

Drivers / Heat Management

We offer power supplies and drivers for most of our products:

Product Code /
Laser Module Current /
Operation Size Power In Benefits
OEM diode laser driver kit
LuOcean Driver Kit & Chiller Unit

Labview Driverkit Control GUI*

*free of charge – download link is given in the driver kit manual

LuOcean Series 28A / 48V 200µm to cw Open Frame
80mm x 100mm
DC  up to 48V Driver

Chiller unit

Optional: Multi wavelength synchronized


Fiber Cables and Parts

Product Datasheet Applications Benefits
PatchcordsFiber Patchcords Fiber Patchcords Medical
Material Processing
Individual lengths
Various connector types
FC/(A)PC ferrule fixing nut LU_UN_15_01 Attach / Detach any Lumics FC/(A)PC ferrule to an optical system or fiber Mount within seconds:
Demonstration Video