We manufacture diode lasers.
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Drivers / Accessories

Drivers / Heat Management

We offer power supplies and drivers for most of our products:


Product Code /
Laser Module Current /
Operation Size Power In Benefits
All-in-one OEM diode laser driver



Labview Driver Control GUI*

*free download

LuOcean Mini,
Mini 4
24A / 7V




0.2ms to cw




Open Frame
160mm x 115mm
DC 48V




Full Digital Control



OEM diode laser driver kit

Labview Driverkit Control GUI*

*free download

LuOcean Series 28A / 34V 0.05ms to cw Open Frame
80mm x 100mm
DC  up to 48V Optional:

Chiller unit & driver

Multi wavelength synchronized driver

Table Top diode laser driver
LuOcean Mini
Custom to Laser 1ms to cw Table Top AC
Touch panel
TEC driver
LU_DR_AC LuOcean P2 Custom to Laser 10ms to cw Table Top AC
Touch panel

Fiber Cables and Parts

Product Datasheet Applications Benefits
PatchcordsFiber Patchcords Fiber Patchcords Medical
Material Processing
Individual lengths
Various connector types
FC/(A)PC ferrule fixing nut LU_UN_15_01 Attach / Detach any Lumics FC/(A)PC ferrule to an optical system or fiber Mount within seconds:
Demonstration Video