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New OEM Driver Board specifically designed for LuOcean™ Mini diode laser series

2015 - November

Lumics GmbH, Berlin, makes again a significant step towards providing complete state-of-the-art solutions by developing a proprietary diode laser driving board which is highly optimized for the Lumics LuOcean™ „Mini“ series and thus considerably simplifies design and production on customers’ site.

Particulary for its many customers with medical and industrial applications, Lumics can now offer a very price attractive and particularly user friendly turn-key solution, both for operations in continuous and pulsed mode.

This brand-new driver board uses cooling by free convection only, and offers full digital access to all functions of the laser module, for example switching on/off a pilot laser beam.

Specifically for the many customers in the medical field, diode protective features are crucial, such as the automatic shut down in case of overheating or turning off laser the diode after error/interlock . Read-out of data can be easily done via a standard RS232 programming interface. Additionally the driver board has all requisites for being compliant with medical norms.

The associated LuOcean™ Mini modules cover wavelengths from 793 – 1940nm and offer power levels from 7 W up to 70 W out of fibers with 105 μm to 600 μm fiber core size, depending on configuration and application. Further wavelengths and significantly higher power levels are available with other products from the LuOcean™ series. With its large variety of freely selectable features for the laser modules plus the brand new OEM driver board, Lumics proves again to offer the currently widest and most innovative choice for diode laser based devices for industrial and medical operation areas.

Lumics GmbH in Berlin is a leading manufacturer of diode lasers, fiber coupled single- and multi-mode laser diode modules and turnkey laser systems based on Lumics‘ patented in-house single emitter technology.

Lumics Driver Board