We manufacture diode lasers.
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Press Releases

Lumics’ single-mode butterfly 14-pin modules for analytic, sensing & seeding – also available now at 786nm Lumics GmbH

2014 - April

Lumics GmbH – Berlin is pleased to announce the broadening of its portfolio of single-mode fiber pigtailed butterfly 14-pin modules with internal temperature control and monitor photodiode.

The Lumics’ hermetically sealed BTF14 modules are manufactured as per Telcordia standard GR- 468-CORE. The wavelength range so far was covering 793nm up to 1100 nm.

Just recently Lumics’ added 786nm to that product line as a standard wavelength. Thus as per today modules can be delivered – also for low volume – for the following wavelengths: 786, 793, 808, 850, 915, 980, 1012, 1025, 1032, 1064, 1070, and 1080nm. Other customized wavelengths between 750 – 1100 nm can be manufactured on request.

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High-power 1940nm 200µm Diode Laser for Medical Applications

2014 - February

Lumics GmbH – Berlin is pleased to announce the 1940 nm laser diode source for medical customers. This product is based on the field proven LuOcean Series and delivers at 1940nm an output power of 10W. It is the world’s first laser module for this wavelength which delivers that power level out of a standard silica fiber with only 200 µm fiber core, NA 0.22. The important water absorption peak at 1940 nm has a five times higher absorption rate compared to the peak at 1470 nm which allows five times lower penetration depth in tissue and is therefore ideally suited for surgery.

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